Time.news – The leaders of the G7 countries ask the World Health Organization for a “new and transparent” investigation into the origin of Covid-19. This can be read in a draft of the final press release viewed by the Bloomberg agency, in which leaders of the seven advanced economies highlight efforts to end the pandemic by 2022.

The request, destined to irritate Beijing, follows the actions taken by the United States, which announced new investigations into the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic entrusted to intelligence in relation to the possibility of a spill of the virus from the Wuhan virology laboratory , a hypothesis so far considered “extremely unlikely” by WHO experts. The same request, again according to Bloomberg, should be contained in a draft of the declaration of the EU-US summit.

In the draft of the final G7 communiqué, leaders who will meet starting tomorrow in Cornwall also commit to an additional billion doses of vaccines against Covid-19 to accelerate global immunization efforts against coronavirus.


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