The G7 countries aim for a “fairer and more sustainable economic recovery” – On the first day of work of the G7 on the summit table there are “measures for a fairer, more sustainable economic recovery that responds to the unique challenges of our time”.

This was announced by the US presidency. THE seven leaders agreed to pursue their policies in support of the global economy “for as long as it takes” to create a “strong and balanced” recovery, according to a statement released by the White House.

There is no more compelling and tragic evidence of the need for global cooperation than the pandemic which overwhelmed the whole world and claimed over three million and seven hundred thousand victims “, is the opening speech of the British Prime Minister reported in La Stampa.

“We have a shared goal: to overcome the pandemic, minimize the risk of new similar events and rebuild better societies from the rubble of this tragedy”, says Johnson, and in this context “the UK helped found Covax, the global alliance that has so far provided 80 million doses to developing countries “.

Johnson notes: “Almost all of these doses were of Oxford-AstraZeneca, the vaccine developed with support from the British government – employing expertise from all over the UK – precisely because it was cheap to administer, easy to maintain and able to protect the greatest number of people around the world “, to relaunch:” In this serious crisis we must all work harder. I therefore want the G7 to set a challenging but deeply necessary goal: provide one billion doses to developing countries to vaccinate all people in the world by the end of next year“.

Johnson cannot fail to point out that “no one has ever attempted a similar feat before and, if you doubt that it is possible, I urge you to be inspired by the extraordinary deeds already accomplished in the adversity of this pandemic,” he writes to his readers.

Then Boris Johnson becomes more cautious and warns: “But the truth is that even if we succeed in the enterprise, our efforts would be worth little if another lethal virus were to emerge and unleash a new catastrophe. We must therefore strengthen our collective capacities. to prevent another pandemic and foresee early warning mechanisms for future threats, including by creating a network of surveillance centers – a Global Radar for pandemics “but” this G7 summit will also serve to accelerate the development of vaccines, therapies and tests for any new virus, with the aim of going from 300 to 100 days “guarantees the tenant of no. 10 Downing Street.



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