the gaffes, the black pride and those strange accusations against Obama-

First of all: the first black president to lead the jury, the first (in this role) to lend his face to the official poster of the Festival, the first to immediately spoil the winner of the review: Spike Lee did not miss anything in this edition number 74 of the Cannes Film Festival. A thoroughbred director, like the clothes he has shown off these days: he started with a pink panther suit, with matching glasses; to close with a dress painted with rainbow brushstrokes, on his head a hat that resembles that of a conductor a little that of the lift-boys in the lifts of luxury hotels. The only constant are the tennis shoes, always those of the “French” Nike, blue, white and red.

Ready go and say who has won amidst the embarrassments of the room, in the world step of the gaffe second only to when at the Oscars they announced the wrong title of the winner (Spike Lee was saved because in this case the title was at least right). Black pride. Since the days of Do the right thing, a film that changed cinema but not society, because more than 30 years after the racism he has always denounced, he is unfortunately always in great shape. He himself did not think that racial issues would take such a violent and tragic turn in the United States: “Yes, I never imagined all this. What amplified what happened was the power of the images. This has made a difference in the world: to see. To see a policeman choking a man with his knee for eight and a half minutes before he died. ‘ A resurgence that for the director has a fault that seems paradoxical: the Obama presidency. “The truth is that everything we have now, the fact that the issue has gotten worse, is the direct response to having a black president.” A global problem is that of racism and stereotypes that Western culture continues to pass on: «In reality, I think that many other countries should fight against those forms of racism that only us seem to have. But it is a question of what television, even Hollywood, is passing on about our history and our culture abroad ».

For him, cinema and life must be a mixture of genius and madness, for this in the end he awarded the Palme d’Or Titanium by Julia Ducournau, the film where a woman has sex with a car and which many critics had crushed: some called it a “trash test”, some “a meaningless work”. “I’ve seen so many movies in my life, but Titanium is the first film in which a Cadillac gets a woman pregnant: there is genius and madness, two things I love about this job ».

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