The game did not make any profits in the year 2021!

The game did not make any profits in the year 2021!

Outriders in its first month of release had over 3.5 million players, and considering it’s an all-new title, those numbers are excellent compared to dozens of other co-op titles.

Of course, the number of 3.5 million players does not mean that the game managed to sell 3.5 million copies, especially since many players had the opportunity to try the game on PC and Xbox without having to purchase it separately through the Xbox Game Pass service on the day of the release.

It seems that People Can Fly, the developer of the game, is not yet satisfied with what that game has achieved. Today, the studio, through its financial report, confirmed that this game did not make any profits during the first year of its launch, 2021, and that Square Enix has not yet prepared the costs of developing the game, nor the cost of marketing and distributing it. in the markets.

He added that, as a developer of that game, he has not received any profits from it or his share of the proceeds, and he expects sales to continue at a weak level for the game in the future. As for the reason for not getting his share of the proceeds, the developer had previously mentioned that this is related to the sales policies taken by Square Enix, hinting at cooperation agreements with distribution platforms in order to release the game through the Game Pass service from the first day.

And Square Enix said last summer that it sees Outriders’ launch of Xbox Game Pass paying off.



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