The Ganges suppressed in the trumpet – Parthiban thrilled by Rahman’s song!

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AR Rahman has composed music for Parthiban for the first time. Parthiban has thrillingly praised one of the songs as the Ganges suppressed within the conch.

It is customary for Parthiban to make different attempts from film to film. The last similar shoe film he starred in was a different film starring the same person. The film won accolades and some awards. He is directing the film Shadow of the Night in the excitement of a similar shoe. This is a film shot in a single shot.

Rahman composes a tune for the film and Parthiban writes the lyrics. The first song he writes lyrics for Rahman music. Parthiban has released an emotional post about it.

“‘Shadow of the Night’ – A R Rahman Music Mural!

He sent a tune in his voice for the background music and asked me to write it. From the moment I heard it, I was in high spirits. A week was spent trying to come down and give that abstract tune a tax form, and the record was made. Like the Ganges suppressed within the conch, the vigor of the whole film in one song. I flutter my wings in ecstasy. If you enjoy cooking, you will taste it when it comes to the leaf (screen). “

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Since Rahman was composing music for the film Alelo, which was to be shot by Parthiban in 2000, the film was dropped at the last moment. This alliance has become possible after about 20 years.

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