The German Constitution approves the mandatory vaccine for health personnel

Medical personnel in a Berlin hospital. / Reuters

The measure aims to safeguard the health of the elderly and sick people

The German Constitutional Court today approved the mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus for all health personnel working in hospitals and clinics, permanent care centers for the sick and nursing homes. The judges of the highest German judicial instance rejected a lawsuit against the article that contemplates this obligation in the new Law for the Protection against Infections.

Although the forced vaccination of these personnel threatens the physical inviolability of those affected, the togados established that it is constitutionally justified to take measures to protect the most vulnerable population from a serious infection. Mandatory selective vaccination aims to safeguard the health of the elderly and sick people, who are at greater risk of catching the coronavirus, stressed the members of the court based in Karlsruhe, in the west of the country.

Employees of care centers for the chronically ill and the elderly, but also of clinics and hospitals, as well as public and private medical practices, but also temporary service personnel such as midwives, ambulance and patient transfer personnel, massage therapists and physiotherapists had to prove until last March 15 that they are vaccinated with all the necessary doses to be immunized against the coronavirus or that they had passed the disease.

Since March 16, all new hires in the health field are required to present the relevant vaccination certificates. In the opposite case, the institution responsible for hiring must immediately inform the public health offices, which can prohibit those affected from entering their job and even exercising their profession. There are exceptions for those who for medical reasons cannot be vaccinated.


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