The giant Unisys chooses the Italian technology Almawave

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The American giant Unisys chooses Almawave’s Italian technology. The Italian listed among the top for Artificial Intelligence, natural language analysis and Big Data services, announced that it has implemented its collaboration with Unisys Corporation, one of the largest American IT services companies active all over the world. Unisyss – listed on the New York Stock Exchange and which has over 20,000 employees – has confirmed confidence in the Italian Group’s “innovative Audioma technologies”, which it had already been using since 2019, to implement – passing from 4 to 10 languages ​​served – one of its platforms flagship (InteliServe) used for the management of help desk services provided to companies on every continent.

It is, explains Almawave, “a solution that allows you to interrogate a virtual assistant, with the simple use of the voice, to solve more common problems. Developed by PerVoice, a company that belongs to Almawave, Audioma is a suite of integrated products for the understanding of speech in over 30 languages ​​which makes transcription, subtitling, automatic translation and command and control systems available “. These last functionalities, applied to the virtual assistant of the Unisys platform, “guarantee the understanding of speech in English (US and international), Mandarin Chinese and Japanese through Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish (Colombian and international-Castilian) as well as , since April, in French “add Almawave experts.

This wide spectrum of languages, explains the company of the Almaviva Group, “allows the US company to meet the needs of customers in most of the countries of the world. In addition to a reduction in the resolution time of internal problems, the platform improves the employee experience no matter where they are – in the office, remotely or on the road – while maximizing the engagement of the technical help desk staff, allowing them to focus on solving the most relevant issues. ” “We are proud and satisfied to be able to support, through our Made in Italy technologies, a global reality like Unisys” underlines Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave and president of PerVoice.

The manager stresses that “Artificial Intelligence proves once again that it can contribute to the improvement of daily activities, of all people and in all fields, playing a key role in the optimization of processes and services. revealed a fundamental tool for many companies even in the face of the recent changes in working methods due to the pandemic emergency, it is a concrete example “. Sandei then thanked “all the team that allowed us to grow our fruitful collaboration with Unisys”.

Franco Martino, Head of Client Management and Solutions at Almawave and Head of International Business at PerVoice, points out that “with Unisys we have created Acoustic Models based on specific business needs: a tailor-made solution to guarantee the sector a more efficient and accurate automatic voice recognition. . We have also developed Linguistic Models and Grammar, to provide understanding of user intention and code matching to the Unisys platform. ”

Leon Gilbert, SVP General Manager Digital Workplace Services at Unisys, reports that “thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to rapidly expand the number of languages ​​and dialects that we can offer to our users around the world”. “For many of our customers, contacting the service desk is still the preferred method: having our virtual assistant answer every call is the cornerstone of our automation strategy. In this way, we can manage the most varied requests, offering a ‘excellent end user experience “comments Gilbert explaining that” the technology developed by Almawave and PerVoice offers an accurate speech-to-text transcription and guarantees our virtual assistant the best understanding of the requests so that they can then provide the correct resolution ” .

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