The gift the grandfather received from Teka Tikva for the New Year: a lung transplant that saved his life

75-year-old Daniel Glaur, resident of the city, grandfather of 11 grandchildren, is the 900th lung transplant recipient of Billinson Hospital

Published on: 27.9.22 14:32

Towards the new year, Daniel Glaor, a resident of the city, received a special gift of his kind, when he won a lung donation and became the 900th lung transplant recipient of the Beilinson Hospital from the General Group. Glaor, 75 years old, is the father of three children and the grandfather of 11 grandchildren and in recent years, until the transplant, he was almost inactive.
Glaor told Malavas: “Until the transplant, I couldn’t breathe at all and I was dependent on oxygen 24/7 and could barely walk. I can’t believe I received the gift of life for the new year.”

Recently, an exciting meeting was held between Glaur and the senior medical team that treated him and other transplant recipients. Prof. Mordechai Kramer, director of the pulmonary system in Bilinson, told in the meeting with Glaor that the 900th lung transplant is a significant landmark for the country and said that his face is already directed towards “the next thousand transplantees we will give new life to”.

Prof. Yaron Barak, director of the breast transplant unit, said: “A transplant is a great joy that begins with a family’s immense sadness. I am moved every time anew by being able to be a part of such a miracle. Receiving such a gift at the age of 75 is not easy, but Daniel’s recovery and his smile and His grandchildren are worth everything.”

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Dr. Yuri Peishovitz, director of the thoracic surgery department: “Even when it’s lung transplant number 900, it’s still challenging and exciting. The recovery in the ward was relatively quick and I am happy that towards the new year we were able to give Daniel a new life.”

Dr. Israel Kuznitz, director of the service for minimally invasive chest surgery: “Lung transplantation gives new life to patients who were previously connected to oxygen and without the lungs they received would not have survived. It was very exciting to see Daniel’s new lungs breathing and functioning excellently during the transplant, and even more gratifying was his successful recovery from the surgery.”

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