The Gkn of Florence closes, “in 422 sent home by mail”

“What happened to the workers of the Gkn” of Florence “that until six in the morning they were at work, already because the work is not lacking at Gkn, and at 10, with an email, they were sent home, it is unspeakable. An affront to the world of work, to Florence, Tuscany and all of Italy. We will not leave these workers alone, to whom all our solidarity goes, we will respond as we know how to do, with mobilization. ”This is jointly declared by Dalida Angelini, general secretary of CGIL Toscana, and Massimo Braccini general secretary Fiom CGIL Toscana.

“The CGIL and Fiom will propose a regional response to CISL and UIL and their categories, because the problem goes far beyond Florence, the 422 of the Gkn and the other related companies. We will discuss it with the Gkn workers in a permanent assembly. that we will meet on Monday – continues the trade union note by Angelini and Braccini – In the meantime, let’s say to Draghi and his ministers: a solution must be found now, not in a few years. The problem should be known, there are multinationals that arrive, take, consume territory and run away leaving social rubble. In Italy they can do it, it is not the case in other countries, even very close to us, so “.”

“The closure announced yesterday through an email from the GKN of Campi Bisenzio and the dismissal of 422 workers is a truly unacceptable fact. It is not the first time that a multinational has shown absolute insensitivity to work, to the fate of hundreds of families and overall. of our country. ”This was stated in a joint note by the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra and the general secretary of the Fim CISL, Roberto Benaglia.

“The Government – they underline – must intervene by immediately activating the monitoring table on corporate crises envisaged by the agreement of 29 June at Palazzo Chigi, reminding companies to comply with all the procedures to guarantee employment, the dignity of work and the person . Workers are not commodities. The behavior of this multinational is intolerable, which demonstrates that it only thinks about profit, not respecting agreements and apparently with the prospect of delocalising production “.

The union, they conclude, “will not allow this umpteenth barbarism. The Government has a duty to intervene in a strong and decisive manner. The employers’ associations must take an active part in governing the processes of change in the industry with the union agreements and the necessary social sensitivity. “.

“This morning I went to the GKN in Campi Bisenzio together with the whole Democratic Party of Tuscany and the Mayor of Campi Bisenzio Emiliano Fossi to express our closeness to the workers and to condemn the serious and unprecedented behavior of the multinational”, writes Simona Bonafè on Facebook, deputy and secretary of the Democratic Party in Tuscany.


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