The good banker from the advertisement Měcháček: He roared into foreclosures!

The good banker from the advertisement Měcháček: He roared into foreclosures!

2023-07-20 05:00:00

The actor and his partner recently founded an e-shop with creative needs, but admits that he could not be a businessman. “I’m a master of unforced errors. And those in the store cost money,” he admits.

Promises, Promises

“After all, just like in everyday life. For example, if I forget to pay a fine or health insurance. I am not completely anchored in the administrative level of reality. But luckily I always bribe it somehow and the foreclosure ends soon.” admits in an interview for Friday’s Blesk tv MAGAZÍN.

He has gone to such extremes many times. “You just don’t pay for parking, then you don’t pick up the mail because you move three times in three years, so you get away with it. Well, then it will find you! So I’ll pay it, apologize and tell myself I won’t do it again.” the former star of the primetime series Code Blue and VIP Murders says openly.

Skřípli ho

And when did he so-called the most in debt? “When I took out my first mortgage at the age of twenty-eight, I had to have a debt-free certificate. Just like that, I found out that four black driving fines at eighteen cost me about eighty thousand! At the same time, the fine itself was like two kilos,” recalls Měchaček.

“Those were exactly the executioner’s pigs who divided and dragged out the cases. That’s when it pinched me,” the actor, who from August you can also see in Macbeth at the Summer Shakespeare Festival, describes his worries at the time.

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Friends lent it to him

While others are getting more and more in debt due to exorbitant fees and penalties for executors, the actor was saved by friends at the time. “Consider how many people experience this and are not lucky enough to have friends to lend them. I deserved it, but there are still a lot of undeserved, essentially criminal executions. Fortunately, a lot of skilled lawyers have already stood up against unauthorized foreclosures – for example, Petr Němec, whom I follow on Twitter, gives them a decent beating.” he says.

Big interview with Tomáš Měcháček already tomorrow in Blesk tv MAGAZÍN!

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Tomáš Měchaček

Author: FTV Prima, LSS/P. Flock

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