The government allocated 54 billion rubles for the national project “Culture”

The government allocated 54 billion rubles for the national project “Culture”

According to the results of the meeting on the implementation of the national project “Culture” in 2022 and 2023, the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reported that the Deputy Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with the work done and called for further control over the implementation of the planned, including the timing of work. At the same time, as emphasized in the apparatus, more than 54 billion rubles from the federal budget are allocated for the implementation of the national project this year.

“Despite the new challenges that our country faced in 2022, the main tasks that we set for ourselves for the year were implemented, and most regions achieved the declared results,” Golikova said in the message. At the same time, she emphasized high financial discipline in the implementation of the project: the level of cash execution here became one of the highest among all national projects: 99.9%.

In turn, Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova spoke in detail about both the current tasks within the project and the new tasks that were included in it. In particular, in 2023, it is planned to re-equip 218 municipal libraries according to the model standard, overhaul 82 regional and municipal museums, equip more than 313 children’s art schools and colleges. Equipping 52 regional and municipal theaters was named among the additional tasks for this year.

In addition, the integration of new regions into the cultural life of the country will continue. The Ministry plans to organize cultural and educational trips for schoolchildren, 10 traveling exhibitions, tours and concerts will be organized in the new territories.


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