The government approved the law restricting the prime minister

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At this time (Sunday), members of the government approved in a telephone poll the bill of Justice Minister Gideon Saar, chairman of Tikva Hadasha, to limit the prime minister’s term to eight years, a proposal known as the “Netanyahu Law.”

The decision was passed in the government today, to be put to a vote tomorrow in the Knesset plenum for approval by the plenum.

The assault decision comes after summaries in talks he has with Naftali Bennett, regarding this law and another law he is promoting: preventing the tenure of a criminal defendant as prime minister.

The Bennett-Lapid government is working to change the system of government in Israel: election methods have changed time and time again in Israel, from general to direct and again to general and even the idea of ​​district elections, but no limit has ever been placed on the number of days a person heads the government.

The Right demands that the law against Netanyahu not apply to Bennett (Photo: Tonight’s News Here 11)

It should be noted that there is nothing in this law that is intended to be against Benjamin Netanyahu, according to which the law will apply from now on and not retroactively, so that all the years of the opposition leader as prime minister are not counted at all. In fact, the first victim of this law will be Naftali Bennett.

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