Time.news – A national ultra-broadband plan is in the pipeline. Word of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao.

“The ultra-broadband is essential for the development of the country, we know we are behind and it is the number one priority”, said the minister speaking at the conference ‘The new networks for Italian industry and consumers’ organized by the Brothers of Italy.

Colao shielded himself on the hot topic of the Single Network simply saying “that as a government we do not have to wait for events but to plan interventions“, and with this in mind at the moment “the goal is to bring a plan to the ultra-wide network by the summer, maybe before the end of the summer “.

In reiterating the strategic nature of the ultra-broadband, Colao then explained that “cwith Minister Giorgetti, we started work on the ‘Italia a 1 Giga’ plan that wants to bring the ultra-broadband to all homes, all schools and health facilities, in the territories, everywhere in short “.

It is, the minister stressed, “a ambitious plan because he wants to get Italy in good shape in 2026. The first principle we will follow will be that of speed, the second that of technological neutrality, we will be able to use 5G and fiber, but the important thing is to reach everywhere and kill the ‘digital divide’ “, while “the third principle will be that of maintain competition and ensure that dominant positions are not created, in order to allow citizens to continue to choose “, concluded Colao.


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