The Government reduces the funds of the Perte of the electric car by 10%, up to 792.8 million

The funds of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (Perte) of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (VEC) they do not stop mutating. Originally, they were going to articulate almost 3,000 million euros from the Next Generation EU funds to promote the zero-emission automotive industry, but now, after the latest provisional resolution published by the Ministry of Industry, the first allocation will be 792.8 million of euros.

This represents almost 10% less than the 877.2 million that appeared in the previous resolution, closed at the end of October. This, in turn, represented an increase in the first provisional item for August, which closed with 702 million and left out some important industrial projects, such as the Envision battery factory in the province of Cáceres.

Now, the final figure is 792.8 million —although there is still a 10-day period open to present allegations—, so there are 2,182 million euros to be distributed, 74.4% of the total. These, according to Industry, will be distributed in calls subsequent to the current one, and a second one is expected to open in the first quarter of 2023.

The October resolution was marred by problems such as the ordeal of the Volkswagen Group, which threatened to cancel the construction of its battery plant in Sagunto, or the temporary restrictions, which caused some manufacturers, such as Ford in Almussafes, to stay out of the Perte .

The new reduction has been published five days after the end of the term to present the guarantees of the companies, on November 28. It impacts three projects: that of the Volkswagen Group, that of the Nissan Barcelona reindustrialization ‘Hub’ and that of Fagor.

In the case of the German consortium, 356.6 million euros have been assigned, 10.2% less than the 397.3 million provided for in the October resolution. The reduction for the ‘Hub’ was 39.5%, and went from the 107.8 million originally allocated to 65.2 million.

Sources from QEV Technologies, which lead the reindustrialization project, told Europa Press that “after the guarantee management they decided to transfer non-urgent items to the second call of the Perte VEC.”

Finally, Fagor will receive 7.8 million instead of the 8.8 initially planned. This represents a reduction of 10.8%. The rest of the Perte projects remain identical: Mercedes-Benz Vitoria (170.4 million); Opel Zaragoza (52.2); Renault (40); Sapa (32.9), Faurecia (28.2), Irizar (24.2) and Stellantis (15.2).

Of the almost 800 million of the first resolution of the Perte, these will be structured as follows: 267.7 million in the form of loans, and the 525.1 million remaining, in direct subsidies.

The Industry resolution points out that the groups that have undergone modifications with respect to the notification of the Final Resolution Proposal (the previous one), may present the allegations they deem appropriate within a period of ten business days from the notification of the proposal. provisional resolution.

“The groups may, through the interlocutor with the Administration, express their decision not to make allegations or provide new documents or justifications, which will result in the hearing process being considered as carried out,” adds the ministry.


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