The government will allocate 1.1 billion rubles for payments to pensioners of Russia

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More than RUB 1.1 billion will be allocated to regional social benefits for non-working pensioners. The order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, according to the website of the Cabinet.

The issue of allocating funding in the government was considered and approved on November 17. The funds will be received by 15 regions, in which the number of recipients of social benefits has increased. These are Buryatia, Karelia, Yakutia, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Amur, Leningrad, Magadan, Murmansk and Novosibirsk Regions, the Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Districts.

Only those pensioners who receive an amount below the subsistence minimum established in the region for this category of citizens can apply for additional payments.

Rane in the Pension Fund named the reasons for the suspension of pension payments. For example, pension accrual stops when a person does not receive a defined benefit for half a year. Secondly, payments can be suspended if the pensioner does not appear for a re-examination to confirm disability at the federal institution of medical and social examination in due time.


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