the great disappointment of organic farmers

the great disappointment of organic farmers

2023-06-01 14:27:09

After dropping by 7.6% in supermarkets in 2022, volume sales of organic products have fallen by 14% since the start of 2023.

DECRYPTION – While public authorities and consumers have been pushing for massive conversions for ten years, the violent market drop is turning against breeders.

«Organic producers are paid less and less and, after a while, either we stop our career or we go back to conventional“, regrets Maxime *, a Norman milk producer. In 2019, he converted his farm to organic because “the intensive conventional systemno longer suits him. For four years, Maxime benefits from state aid to maintain organic farming, which will end next year. Without new financial income, it is impossible to meet the needs of its operation. On May 15, he made a radical choice: to return to conventional to save his career. “I’m disappointed, if I could, I would have stayed organic“, he concedes.

A testimony among others which demonstrates that the practice has been increasing in the French countryside for a year

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