The great return of Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne: the former Lazio at “L’Isola dei Famosi”

Paul Gascoigne with the Lazio shirt, worn from 1992 to 1995

Tonight on Canale 5 begins “The Island of the Famous”. Among the competitors, there is a lot of curiosity to see Paul Gascoigne on Italian TV: the former Lazio player tries to leave decidedly difficult years behind him

May 27 Paul Gascoigne he will turn 54, but the marks on his face have more to do with excesses of all kinds than with the years behind him.

With the decision to participate in “The Island of the Famous 2021 “, the former footballer of Lazio e English national team he tries to get back to talk about himself for the curiosity that a character with his past inevitably arouses rather than for the recklessness that led him to suffer legal consequences and hospitalization.

His fans on several occasions feared for his life, put at risk by his addiction to alcohol e drugs, but also of food consumed compulsively.

Brilliant and fragile, brilliant and histrionic, “Gazza” he has won the admiration of football aesthetes and the sympathy of those who do not like football.

We really hope that “The Island of the Famous 2021” is the beginning of a more peaceful phase of his life.

Welcome back, “Filch”!


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