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VActress Sushmita Sen is a popular actress. The actress adopted two girls while she was active in movies. Sushmita also regularly shares stories with her children. Now Sushmita is sharing about how she went through a surgery.

Sushmita’s 46th birthday was yesterday. Sushmita shared about the surgery on Instagram Live. Sushmita started the video by thanking everyone who wished her a happy birthday.

There are so many things to share with fans. Many were worried when I posted about the surgery. She is OK now. He would certainly have shared what he felt needed to be informed. Don’t worry about it. By the grace of God, everything ended well. He is recovering. – Sushmita said.

The actor also shared a note thanking everyone for their support. Nothing could be further from the truth about what it feels like to be reborn on this birthday. And shares a little secret with you. She underwent a surgery on November 16 after the shoot of Arya Two. Every day is a wonderful recovery.- About Sushmita.

Forty-sixth birthday marks a healthy new beginning, and a new look. There are many things ahead. “The greatest gift, of course, is living,” she said.

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