the green pass does not prevent contagion, it is not up to us to control it –

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While the decree that will define the areas for the introduction of the green pass in work contexts is being defined, the company doctors put their hands on. «It is not up to us to check the green pass – they basically say with a note from Anma, the trade association -. And don’t ask us to provide companies with data on the number of employees with the vaccine or the green pass ».

“The green pass is not a health document, it can only be verified by the subjects indicated in the standard, which does not include the competent doctor (the company doctor, ed;) – reads a note -, it can only be verified through the app which does not make health data visible, the verification activity does not “in any case” involve the collection of data (in any form) ».

“There is no doubt today that with the green pass the competent doctor not only cannot, but even must not have to deal with, neither processing data nor issuing judgments of suitability / unsuitability”, continues the release of the competent doctors .Anma also underlines that «the possibility of infecting and becoming infected exists regardless of the vaccination condition and / or possession of the green pass.

The green certificate does not represent a “security measure” for the employer, unless it derives from the repeated check every 48 hours by means of a swab, a condition that we consider most impracticable. Nor can it be invoked to resort to an update of the risk assessment document relating to the risk from the SARS-CoV-2 virus except in the situations already defined by Title X of Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 “.

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