The new head of the grillini Giuseppe Conte he had not yet finished his inauguration speech, that parliamentary chats were already boiling.

Many reactions expressed publicly by pentastellati, but just as many vitriolic comments collected by, strictly with notebooks closed. “Let me understand, one who voted Beppe Grillo should he now vote for Conte, who has practically overturned that vision? “, is the question, rhetorical but not too much, of a grillino parliamentarian from the first hour. A colleague echoes him:” I’m all messed up to say nothing, I was falling asleep. If from now on every moment of confrontation or decision will be like this first act … better close the curtain immediately. We still have time “.

Boredom is the refrain that winds through the grilline chats, but also combined with a strong dose of perplexity about the choices that the new grillino leader will make regarding the major knots to be solved in the M5S house, first of all the relations with the Casaleggio Associati. “Of what he said, apart from the trite phrases and some messages encrypted to show themselves captivating to our eyes, there is not much left. And if the setting is that of the circle-botism – adds a young Grillino parliamentarian – we will not go far, above all. when there will be a decision to be taken on issues such as double mandate and Rousseau. As usual, he postpones decisions, he did so in the government and now he will continue to do so “. A veteran of the Movement shows a more cautious, but equally critical approach: “I don’t want to pronounce myself yet, but maybe you can see a full style approach ‘I’ll show you how to do it’ which is not exactly the best for a group that needs everything, except that of a teacher of life “.

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