The Growing Crisis of Lawyer Misconduct: Examples of Corruption and Incompetence within the Bar Association

The Growing Crisis of Lawyer Misconduct: Examples of Corruption and Incompetence within the Bar Association

Title: Bar Association Under Fire for Failing to Address Growing Lawyer Misconduct


The Swedish Bar Association is facing severe criticism after a string of lawyer misconduct cases have come to light. General Secretary Mia Edwall Insulander’s previous debate article, which downplayed the extent of the problem, has attracted renewed attention. Recent revelations have exposed a worrying trend of lawyers engaging in illegal activities, assisting gang criminals, and compromising the justice system. The Bar Association’s failure to effectively address these issues has raised concerns about the integrity of the legal profession in Sweden.

Examples of Lawyer Misconduct:

In addition to the notorious case of lawyers Ekrem Güngör and Amir Amdouni, who were expelled after assisting gang criminals, several other instances of lawyer misconduct have been revealed. Notably, a lawyer in Gävle engaged in a romantic relationship with a gang leader for whom she was also working, resulting in her exclusion. Similarly, lawyers Gabriel Barsoum and Neo Barstedt, known for their high-profile clients, were repeatedly accused of questionable behavior and subsequently barred from practice. These cases illustrate a worrisome pattern within the legal community.

Continued Issues and System Threats:

The legal profession’s deterioration persists, and serious concerns about the Bar Association’s handling of these matters exist. Reports suggest that lawyers have been involved in unlawful activities such as smuggling love letters for criminal clients and enabling detainees to communicate illegally. These violations have become a weapon in the fierce competition for lucrative assignments, making the justice system vulnerable to exploitation by organized crime. Furthermore, delays in disciplinary proceedings and the absence of a functioning investigation department contribute to the erosion of public trust.

Calls for Remediation:

Legal experts are calling for swift action to address the rampant lawyer misconduct. Suggestions include establishing a fast-track system to expedite cases involving lawyers accused of aiding incarcerated criminals, implementing temporary suspensions from certain assignments, and involving the Chancellor of Justice in evaluating public defenders’ suitability. Additionally, a proposal to ban lawyers from associating with serious criminals privately has gained traction as a preventive measure.

Tightening Controls and Ensuring Integrity:

To combat these issues effectively, it has been proposed that conversations between lawyers and inmates should be recorded, with random checks conducted by the Security and Privacy Board to monitor potential criminal planning. Furthermore, restrictions on inmates’ contacts with the outside world should be strictly enforced, and the board should be granted the authority to scrutinize lawyers’ correspondence. Implementing these measures would help protect the justice system from further abuse.

Government Intervention:

Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer has been called upon to prioritize addressing these urgent concerns. Concerns have been raised that Strömmer, a former lawyer himself, may not be taking the issue seriously enough. The public demands meaningful and comprehensive action to restore confidence in the legal profession and safeguard the justice system’s integrity.


The recent string of lawyer misconduct cases in Sweden has exposed a troubling reality within the legal profession. The Bar Association’s apparent inaction and ineffective measures in addressing these issues have heightened public concerns. Immediate action is necessary to restore trust, protect the integrity of the justice system, and ensure that guilty individuals do not escape justice due to compromised legal representation.


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