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Nedunkandam ∙ The guest worker wants to drive the jeep used in the tarring area. Unbeknownst to the owner, the jeep driven by the guest worker went out of control and fell into the Kallar River. The guest worker had a miraculous escape. The accident took place near Kallar Bathanipady yesterday morning.

Stephen, a native of Odisha, lost control of his jeep and overturned into the Kallar river. The jeep was completely submerged in the two-day drop. Stephen got out of the sunken jeep and escaped by swimming. Stephen came for tarring work on the road in the area. The accident involved a jeep carrying tar belonging to a road contractor.

The contractor decided to skip work yesterday due to rain. The jeep driver who lives in the next room was given to Stephen to hand over the keys. But because of his desire to drive the tar jeep, Stephen proceeded with the jeep along the Kallar – Thannimood road. After about a kilometer, the jeep lost control while turning to return to the residence.

After falling into the river, Stephen himself reported the information to the employer. The submerged jeep was brought out with the help of the employees and locals who came to do the tarring work by bringing an earthmoving machine. Stephen underwent a medical examination. The locals are relieved that a major accident has been avoided. The demand to erect a protective fence along the Kallar River has also been strong.


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