The gum that will reduce the spread of the corona virus

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After the masks, restrictions and vaccines, the University of Pennsylvania came up with a creative idea to reduce the spread of the corona plague. A new experimental gum, which contains a protein that “captures” the virus particles, will travel to slow down the transmission and limit the spread of virus-laden droplets when the virus carriers speak, breathe or cough.

The authors of the study, recently published in the journal Molecular Therapy, explained: “Chewing gum with virus-capturing proteins offers a general strategy that will protect patients from most re-infections by reducing volumes or minimizing transmission to others.” According to the researchers, the gum contains copies of the ACE2 protein, which is the protein that the corona virus uses to break into cells and infect them.

Using saliva samples and sponges from patients hospitalized and validated for the virus, the researchers examined the effect and saw results. During in vitro experiments, the virus particles were attached to the ACE2 receptors located in the gums, and the viral load of the samples decreased by more than 95 percent. It was also reported that the gum feels and tastes like a normal gum, which by the way can be stored for years at normal temperatures. Also, chewing gum does not harm the protein molecules.

Using chewing gum to reduce corona broccoli viral loads will add to the efforts of the global vaccination campaign, and can be useful in countries where vaccines are less available. The gum is made from a clinically grade herbal substance and was developed to meet FDA requirements. Although it is not yet available for purchase, U.S. researchers continue to look into the matter in hopes of bringing the gum to the shelves as soon as possible.

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