The hair bun is an evergreen among trend hairstyles

The hair bun is an evergreen among trend hairstyles

Dhe sleek bun, i.e. the hair that is pulled back and tied in a bun, is the ideal hairstyle for people who do not wash their hair every day. There can’t be a more reasonable justification for a trend than this. You save water, energy and time and you look great at the same time, ideally like a model off duty. Hair can be so thankful!

At least that’s what the hair tutorials say, and the teachers of these online workshops should know it. Many have been dealing with the matter for years. Before the sleek bun, it was the top knot, but messy buns, half-up, half-down variants and side knots also play important roles. About 30 different hairstyles are said to be in circulation, the number seems completely arbitrary. The trend volume is currently decreasing somewhat; But no one has to worry about a hair falling into a soup.

When the hair accentuates the dress

When did it start, when exactly did the trend wave peak? Was it Kendall Jenner’s performance at the 2021 Met Gala, when she deliberately neglected her hair and did everything she could to save attention for her Givenchy dress?

Or was it earlier, namely in 2019, when journalist Hannah Marriott counted the top knots of the Chanel show for the winter 2018/2019 for the “Guardian”? 77 of 81 models who walked down a leaf-strewn runway in Paris’ Grand Palais wore their hair in a high bun. Hair stylist Sam McKnight told the British newspaper that the inspiration came from the models’ gesture, the quick grab they use to pull their hair out of their faces after the show. Hence the off-duty look.

Model Kaia Gerber with a high bun at the Chanel winter 2018/2019 show

Image: Helmut Fricke

Maybe it’s like this: models and influencers are constantly beating the beat. The followers follow. But let’s stay with the gesture for a moment. You don’t have to be a model to know her inside and out. It is enough to have hair that is slightly longer than the chin. The hands reach over the head to the neck and knot what is there.

Hair is part of our history

Because hair gets in the way when it falls on your face while reading or cleaning windows. Because some days they can feel like there are small weights hanging from each one of them, which is why it’s safer to hold on to them. Because you want to get rid of the brooding and have the not unjustified hope that it will work better if at least your head is calm.

Low Bun: Bun in the style of Argentinian actress Eva Perón

Low Bun: Bun in the style of Argentinian actress Eva Perón

Bild: Picture Alliance

It’s this casual, everyday attitude that makes the topknot independent. No fashion section can change that. Even if she ignored him, he would still be worth the bet. Hair is part of the body and its individual history.

Why the chignon is so present in haute couture

The silhouette counts, in this sense it couldn’t be any better for the little bun. Who is more deserving of the tall, slender line than he? There can be so many bomber jackets and Prada combat boots, the narrow head holds against it.

The rule is simple: the more space-filling or spectacular and sophisticated the wardrobe, the more likely it is that the hair will recede. Accordingly, haute couture often uses the chignon.

Dovima and the Elephants in 1955

Dovima and the Elephants in 1955

Bild: The Richard Avedon Foundation

The example of “Dovima with Elephants”, a photo by Richard Avedon that appeared in “Harper’s Bazaar” in 1955, is historical: Dovima poses with a sweeping gesture between elephants from the Parisian Cirque d’Hiver. She wears a black evening dress with a large white bow by Dior designed by 19-year-old Yves Saint Laurent. She snuggles her head and her hair tied into a chignon to the trunk of one of the mighty animals, which raises its right foot as if to dance.

You can untie the knot in your mind, just for fun, to see how the high priestess of elegance transforms into the unusually well-dressed leader of a revolt, into an ecstatic dancer. The mystery of life itself seems to be tied to hair.


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