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Ella Pamfilova, chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia, confirmed the right of Andrei Pivovarov, former executive director of the liquidated organization “Open Russia”, to participate in the elections to the State Duma on September 19. “His suffrage is not affected,” she said on Saturday, July 17. The politician himself, included in the list of candidates from the Yabloko party for the regional group of the Krasnodar Territory, is in a pre-trial detention center in Krasnodar, as he is being held in connection with the activities of an “undesirable organization”.

According to Pamfilova, the CEC received an appeal from Pivovarov about obstacles to his participation in the elections from the Federal Penitentiary Service. “The CEC reacted quickly, an appeal was sent to the FSIN. Everything that was in our competence – we did,” the head of the commission emphasized. At the beginning of July, it became known that the administration of the pre-trial detention center refused to give Pivovarov a copy of the passport required for nomination to the State Duma.

Pivovarov remains under arrest until July 31

Andrey Pivovarov was detained on the evening of May 31 in St. Petersburg. To do this, the authorities stopped at the Pulkovo airport a plane of the Polish airline LOT, ready for take-off. After a search in an apartment in St. Petersburg, the politician was convoyed to Krasnodar, where he was arrested.

The investigation believes that on August 12, 2020, Pivovarov posted an “informational material” on the Facebook social network with an appeal to support the participants in the municipal election campaign, in which law enforcement officers saw a fundraising campaign. The ex-coordinator of Open Russia, Tatyana Usmanova, explained that the author of the post on the social network is one of the former administrators of the page. However, the court left the politician under arrest until July 31.

Pivovarov himself believes that the reason for his persecution is the desire to participate in elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Yabloko party called the confirmation of his candidacy “a humanitarian step in support of a political prisoner.”

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