The head of the Ministry of Sports declared the need for changes in Russian football

Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin commented on the resignation of the head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov. According to him, Russian football needs changes. Earlier today, July 8, the Russian Football Union (RFU) terminated the contract with Cherchesov and his headquarters after Russian footballers were unable to reach the playoffs at the European Championship, finishing in last place in the group.

“I want to thank Stanislav Cherchesov and the entire coaching staff of the Russian national football team for five years of work. We all remember the team’s successful performance at the 2018 home world championship – then the whole country was proud of the game of Russian footballers. But now it is obvious to everyone that the moment has come when Russian football needs changes. Our common goal is for Russia to have a strong national team, ”said Mr. Matytsin (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to him, in order for the team to be strong, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the accumulated problems. In particular, it is necessary to analyze the training of personnel, the principles and amounts of financing in football, as well as the work of the system of children and youth sports, the institute of national teams and interaction with professional clubs.

After the Russian footballers were unable to reach the playoffs of the championship, President Vladimir Putin said that it was necessary to think about “what can be changed” in the national team, including in the “personnel component”. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko instructed the Ministry of Sports and sports federations to submit proposals for the development of a sports management system by mid-July.

Read more about the termination of the contract with the coach of the national team – in the material of “Kommersant” “Stanislav Cherchesov received on points.”



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