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Russia’s view of NATO should be taken into account, said Rolf Mützenich, head of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) faction, commenting on the package of requirements prepared by the Russian Foreign Ministry on security guarantees for Russia, which includes, among other things, abandoning plans to join Ukraine to NATO. “Of course, the Russian proposals to the United States and NATO to minimize threats in Europe are written from the position of Moscow. Still, it is worth conducting a thorough check and formulating your own position,” the politician said in an interview with Reuters on Saturday, December 18. “We need to sit down at the negotiating table. We need to draw clear boundaries, but at the same time try to find a way out of the vicious circle of escalation (tension. – Ed.) “, – he added.

Critics of the SPD in Germany often express the opinion that this party is too loyal to the current Russian leadership. Reacting to such statements of opponents, Mutzenich stressed that he and his fellow party members “are not naive and know who they have to deal with when it comes to Russia.” “Still, it is worth having a clear idea of ​​what the other side perceives as a threat to itself, even if you do not share its position,” he said.

Head of the SPD faction on the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine

According to Rolf Mutzenich, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to change the status quo in Europe. “In the past, Putin now and then tried to distract from domestic political problems by creating foreign policy tensions,” the social democrat stressed. “Of course, Putin wants to change the status quo. The annexation of Crimea, which runs counter to international law, was a clear signal,” he added.

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The purpose of the current military maneuvers of the Russian side, according to Mutzenich, is not clear. “Whether the concentration of troops on the border will lead to an attack on Ukraine, we do not know for sure, but many assume that this is exactly the case,” the politician said.

Continuing the topic of Ukraine, Mutzenich drew attention to its internal political problems. “We rightfully criticize what is happening in the east of this country. But in Ukraine itself there is no progress in terms of reforms,” Mutzenich stated. “There are problems with the independence of justice and the power of the oligarchs. And Ukraine needs changes and reforms. “.

At the same time, the Social Democrat approved the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance to provide Kiev with defensive drones.

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