The health of “leader” Adel Imam explodes controversy in Egypt

His family denies he has Alzheimer’s and confirms his readiness to shoot a new movie

Talking about the health of the “leader” artist, Adel Imam, sparked controversy in Egypt, after the Egyptian media, Mohamed El-Baz, announced that “the artist, Adel Imam, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and that he learned from those close to him who visited him, that by virtue of his age he suffers from some symptoms of the disease,” explaining “The leader will not return to acting again, because his health does not allow it.”

During his program “Akher An-Nahar”, broadcast on the Egyptian “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, on Friday evening, Al-Baz called on Adel Imam’s family to “end the controversy over the leader’s retirement from acting.” He continued, “Adel Imam was born in 1940 and is now 82 years old, and he is from the (Shaqiyanin), and he has worked for 65 continuous years, and his last series was (Valentino).” Al-Baz stressed that “he must come down from the stage before the curtain falls on him,” adding: “He is my favorite star, but what is happening in terms of exchanges is not worthy of Adel Imam’s history.”

According to the journalist, Al-Baz, “Adel Imam is in a healthy and Sunni stage that will not allow him to present a later artwork at all, and his family must respect this, and when it is said that he has retired from the artwork, it will not detract from anything.” He added, “His fans have the right to know the true state of his health… We must respect his experience and his age, and not burden him with what he can’t handle (neither old, nor disease represents a shortcoming).”

The leader’s name topped social networking sites after Al-Baz’s speech. Fans of the leader expressed their fears of the fact that Adel Imam had contracted the disease, amid calls for his safety.

Despite Adel Imam’s previous interventions about his health and rumors of his death, as appeared earlier with the media Amr Adib on MBC Egypt. He asked, “Why do they want me to die?”, but he was lately absent from the media appearance, while his brother, producer Issam Imam, responded, describing what was reported about his brother’s health as “injustice and slander.”

And Essam Imam said in televised statements that “the leader (like the elephant) and his health are fine, and what is reported about his health is his goal (the trend), because the name of Adel Imam is great, and if it comes in news that achieves (trend).” And he added, “But the disease is something that cannot be hidden. If he entered a hospital, would it be easy to hide this matter?” He continued, “I am addressing the response regarding the family, and for the sake of his fans, and we are tired of rumors, and we have received many international and local contacts, and everyone is in a state of panic over what was broadcast about his illness,” stressing that “the leader is fine, and within two weeks he will start filming the movie (Al-Wad and his father).” Which brings him back to the cinema again.”

Commenting, art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi said that “talking about the leader’s illness is an intrusion into (privacy).” He added to Asharq Al-Awsat that, “No one has the right to talk about the disease except for the patient himself or his family, and even the treating doctor himself, who has no right to talk about the secrets of his patients; Unless the family authorizes him to do so.”

According to art critic Magda Khairallah, “Even if the leader had this disease, it is (indecent) for some to donate and talk about the health of the great artist, as long as the family did not declare that.” She told Asharq Al-Awsat: “Even the news of his return to acting is up to him, whether the leader will not return to work due to his health condition due to age – away from Alzheimer’s rumors – or that he will not return to work based on his desire to do so.”

Magda Khairallah said that “the leader’s new movie will not affect Adel Imam’s history, and this history that he has achieved is sufficient for him, and it is sufficient for his films to top the list of the 100 best comedy films.” She adds: “His fans are not waiting for a new job from him; Rather, he is interested in living in safety in the way he likes, as the leader has done many works, and this is very enough for him.”

Adel Imam has a great history in cinema, theater and television, and has presented comedic, social and political works, and won many awards and honors at the Arab and international levels.


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