The health of the “leader” explodes controversy in Egypt

A report about the artist Adel Imam’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease sparked controversy in Egypt, which led the “Zaeem” family to deny this.

It was the Egyptian journalist, Mohamed El-Baz, who said that “the artist Adel Imam suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and that he learned from those close to him who visited him, that by virtue of his age he suffers from some symptoms of the disease,” explaining that “the leader will not return to acting again, because his health condition does not allow that.” ». During his program “Akher An-Nahar” broadcast on the Egyptian channel “Al-Nahar”, Friday evening, Al-Baz called on Adel Imam’s family to “end the state of controversy over the leader’s retirement from acting.”

Despite Adel Imam’s previous interventions regarding his health and rumors of his death, his brother, producer Issam Imam, responded to the response, describing what was reported about his brother’s health as “injustice and slander.” And Essam Imam said in televised statements that “the leader (like the elephant) and his health are fine, and what is reported about his health is his goal (the trend), because the name of Adel Imam is great, and if it comes in news that achieves (trend).”

And he added, “But the disease is something that cannot be hidden. If he entered a hospital, would it be easy to hide this matter?” He continued, “I am addressing the response regarding the family, and for the sake of his fans, and we are tired of the rumors.”
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