The heart of a brain-dead man was brought to Riyadh from the UAE

Riyadh ∙ The heart of a brain dead patient was brought to Riyadh from UAE and transplanted to a patient undergoing treatment. The surgery was performed at Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hospital.

In collaboration with the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation, the UAE’s National Organ Transplant Program (Hayat) and the Air Ambulance Unit, the heart was brought to Riyadh after obtaining the consent of the relatives of the brain-dead patient.

Dr. Cardiac Surgery Consultant from Riyadh King Faisal Specialist Hospital. A medical team led by Faisal Al Amri arrived at the Abu Dhabi Cleveland Hospital and removed the heart from the brain-dead 38-year-old on Thursday morning. At 11.30 in the morning, the heart was taken to Riyadh Hospital by air ambulance. A heart transplant was immediately started on the 54-year-old patient. The medical team announced at 4.30 pm that the five-hour surgery was successfully completed.

This is the second operation to transplant the heart of a brain dead patient at King Faisal Hospital in the UAE within a month.

English Summary : Heart of brain-dead resident airlifted to Saudi Arabia


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