The Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv is demanding NIS 3.6 million from Harel for damages from the Corona

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The Tel Aviv Hilton Company, which manages the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel, filed a NIS 3.6 million lawsuit against the Harel Insurance Company in the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday (Sunday), due to damages caused to the company due to the corona.

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Tel Aviv Hilton claims that it was insured with Harel, among other things, in the insurance policy for all risks and loss of profits for the period between June 2019 and the end of November 2020. The plaintiff also states that even before the insurance case was filed, About 12 years, “in which she paid insurance premiums in the amount of millions of shekels.”

The lawsuit alleges that Harel Insurance Company insured “the plaintiff under the terms of the policy, inter alia, in the event that the plaintiff would suffer damages due to events such as the corona plague.” “Harel had to pay the plaintiff, according to the policy, a sum of one million dollars. Needless to say, the bookings at the hotel that were canceled due to the epidemic exceeded dozens of times the sum of one million dollars (…).

The lawsuit states that the corona plague has claimed more than 8,000 lives in Israel, many businesses have closed their doors, “at the peak there were more than a million workers in the IDF, and the tourism industry, including hotels, was one of the most damaged. For a period of many months the ‘occupancy’ of a hotel, containing 560 rooms, was of a single number of rooms. This is a hotel that before the epidemic, was based about 95% on tourists and businessmen from abroad and these did not return to live there even at the time of filing this lawsuit. “In particular.”

The lawsuit further states that “even if in some areas of the country the occupancy of some of the hotels returned to the same level or at least approximately, this boom has missed the city of Tel Aviv and at the present time hotel occupancy rates are low, in general, and pre-epidemic rates in particular.” “Where he put his love for so many years, and paid her a premium of millions of shekels over the years, and asked to receive what he deserved according to the policy. The answer he received surprised and young him, and dragged him into the legal process.”

The lawsuit states that Harel claims that the relevant policy provides insurance coverage in the amount of half a million dollars for the cancellation of hotel reservations and not as the plaintiff claims. The lawsuit also states that the CEO of the Hilton chain in Israel, Roni Fortis, contacted Baal Harel’s Gideon Hamburger, but his request was not answered. A letter of defense has not yet been filed.

The Hilton is represented by Adv. Galit Boneh from the firm of Pearl Cohen Tzedek Letzer Baretz. The Harel company is represented by Adv. Zvi Jakubowicz.


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