The history of ancient Canosa on display at Bari airport: all the finds

twelve o’clock, July 12, 2021 – 3:26 pm

The exhibition curated by the Canosina Archaeological Foundation. Fontana: “Many have worked for the promotion and enhancement of a land of ancient charm”

of Conzia Semeraro

«The journey in ancient Canosa». This is the name of the exhibition that will be inaugurated on Tuesday 13 July 2021 at the Bari “Karol Wojtyla” airport. Archaeological finds, hypogea, basilicas and temples will attract the attention of numerous tourists, regular and occasional travelers, who will experience the history of ancient Canusium through the exhibition curated by the Canosina Archaeological Foundation.

The enhancement of the territory

«The project – declares Sergio Fontana, president of the Foundation – is part of the strategic planning that the Fac has set itself and is the result of synergistic work between public and private. Various realities of our territory have collaborated with each other for a single purpose: the promotion and enhancement of a land of ancient charm. The Archaeological Foundation, the Puglia Region, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, the Regional Directorate of Puglia Museums, the Municipality of Canosa di Puglia, Italy Our section of Canosa, Pro Loco Canosa, have worked in symbiosis to promote cultural heritage and museums that have always attracted numerous visitors. I thank Aeroporti di Puglia in the person of its president Tiziano Onesti, and the president Michele Emiliano and the councilor Massimo Bray who believed in our project and in the commitment that has characterized our Foundation for over thirty years ».

East and West

Thus the history of a land that has united East and West is celebrated, full of art, symbol of numerous cultural exchanges, famous for its benevolent and welcoming people. Thanks to the Canosa Archaeological Foundation, Canosa becomes a new stage of our project which aims to transform the airport into a place where the efficiency of services and the richness of the offer go hand in hand with the enhancement of the culture and tradition of the region. Puglia. Princes, emperors and bishops of ancient Canusium will welcome those who arrive and deliver, to those who leave, the memory of the beauty and art of which the ofantina city is proud.

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