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Even the 2021 holidays, for those who can afford it, will cost less thanks to the bonus, made available by the Government, which can be used until 31 December but only in Italian accommodation facilities. Watch out, however, for the family ISEE which, to obtain the subsidy, cannot exceed 40 thousand euros. A way to restart the tourism machine, which has been standing still for too long, and restart the holiday sector. The desire to travel is so great, after months of closures and restrictions, due to the pandemic, which has not allowed, for a long time, travel between regions for a weekend of rest or tourist stays. But with summer just around the corner, the possibility of enjoying a holiday returns by taking advantage of the measures provided for in the Relaunch decree, launched in May 2020, and extended with the Milleproroghe decree.
WHEN TO LEAVE. The deadline for the redemption of the contribution was initially set in December 2020, then postponed to June this year, and finally to December 2021. The bonus can be used for stays in hotels, campsites, tourist villages, farmhouses and bed & breakfasts, but only in Italy, while it is not valid for holidays abroad.
The amount of the holiday bonus in 2021 is identical to that set last year: € 150 for single-person households, € 300 for two-person families and € 500 for three or more people.
WHO IS IT. According to the indications provided by the Revenue Agency, families with Isee up to 40 thousand euros will be able to obtain the holiday bonus. For the calculation of the ISEE, the Single Substitutive Declaration (Dsu) is required, which contains the personal data, income and assets of a family unit and is valid from the moment of presentation and until the following December 31st. The amount of the bonus will be modulated according to the number of family members. For more information on how to obtain the Single Substitute Declaration and calculate the ISEE, the Revenue Agency invites users to consult the INPS website.
HOW TO GET IT. The procedure for requesting the benefit is the same as in 2020.
The bonus can be requested and will be paid exclusively in digital form: in a few days the Revenue Agency will provide precise information on the smartphone app to be used to access.
It is important that at least one member of the household is in possession of a Spid digital identity, the public digital identity system or an electronic identity card.
In fact, when requesting the bonus, the Spid credentials must be entered and the ISEE must then be provided. Those who do not have a digital identity must request it in advance. It will not be necessary to print anything, because the bonus will be available on your mobile or smartphone: just show it to the hotelier, when paying, directly in the selected structure to spend the holidays.
TOURIST FACILITIES. The hotels and accommodation facilities, up to the moment of the collection of the holiday bonus by a customer, do not have to do anything in particular, except to communicate that the structure itself adheres to the initiative. The discount applied will be reimbursed in the form of a tax credit that can be used, without limits on the amount of compensation, using the F24 form or also transferable to credit institutions.
IT IS USED SO. The voucher can only be spent in Italian accommodation facilities. It can also be used by only one member of the family unit, even different from the person who requested it, but it must be spent in a single solution, in a single tourist accommodation facility, whether it is a hotel, a campsite, a village. tourist, a farmhouse or a bed and breakfast.
It can be used to the extent of 80%, in the form of an immediate discount, for the payment of the services provided by the hotelier, while the remaining 20% ​​can be discharged as a tax deduction.
The structures, in any case, are not obliged to accept the bonus: taxpayers who have requested it must ensure, by the deadline of 30 June 2021, that the hotel, village or farmhouse chosen for the holidays participates in the initiative.
TRAVEL AGENCIES. This year there is something new, which derives from the residual sums supplied: of the 2.6 billion available, in fact, 820 million have been spent.
“We would like to expand the possibility of using the bonus”, said the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, underlining how «the hypothesis of making the tourism bonus spendable also in travel agencies is under consideration. Our idea is to make it much easier ».


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