The Hollywood style story of ‘Kannan’ in ‘Santhwana’

Achu Sugandh has written ‘The story of Neerkoli who wanted to be the hero in Anaconda’.


Kochi, First Published Aug 7, 2022, 10:13 PM IST

‘Santhwanam’ (Santhwanam serial) is a series that is loved by the miniscreen audience. Each actor of ‘Santvana’, which has become a favorite series for Malayalees, has a fan group on social media. The beautiful relationship between the actors of the series is the same inside and outside the series. That’s why the stars get a huge reception on social media. The moments shared by the stars, the details on the sets and so on, are making waves on social media. Achu Sughand, who plays ‘Kannana’ in Santhvanam, is an actor who is equally active on YouTube and other social media. Kannan often shares the stories he plans to film. The video shared by Achusugand the other day is now trending.

The actor has released his latest Hollywood-level story through his YouTube channel. The video features Gopika Anil (‘Anjali’) who is the lead character of the series and Yathikumar (‘Shankaran’) who is the father of ‘Anjali’. Achu says that both of them are in the new Oscar level movie.

‘The story of Neerkoli who wanted to be the hero in Anaconda’

‘Somewhere, a waterman in a certain land is inspired to become an actor by watching the movie Anaconda. Even though many people discourage him, he decides to become an actor and goes in search of opportunities. There is also a legendary lizard that is inspired by the movie Dinosaurs. Both meet at some corner of life. After listening to each other’s sorrows, both of them leave again. At the end of the film, Neerkoli, acting as an anaconda, is crushed. But even there Neerkoli doesn’t forget the lizard. In the next picture, the film ends by saying that the lizard is the main character.’

Gopika Anil plays the main character Neerkoli in this story and Yathikumar plays Palli. The YouTube video shared by Achu Sugandh saying that he was lucky to get away has gone viral. When Achu Sugandh clarifies the casting and how to act, the viewers feel that Achu will be beaten now. The video is recorded by Gopika. Gopika continues to shoot despite Yathikumar telling her to avoid doing that shoot and turn off the camera. People are commenting on how Achu is tolerated on the sets. Also, many people are jokingly commenting that the next Oscar will be for this movie. The video is getting good comments from fans.

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Last Updated Aug 7, 2022, 10:13 PM IST

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