the Horoscope for Tomorrow March 15 for the sign of Pisces

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Pisces horoscope March 15, 2021 (February 20-March 20): you have to ask for what you want

Pisces horoscope March 15: mood

What would you have to lose by asking for what you want? Mercury enters your sign today and you will be more and more tempted to try and see what happens. The planet makes you very convincing, nice, intuitive and also you must not underestimate the power of this simple strategy, as it can set in motion forces that could change your life.

If you want to solve a problem or move to a new level, find the right person and say those magic words. More generally, with others – including loved ones – try to say what you really think.

Pisces horoscope March 15: love

As a couple: you may have dark fears and they will seem to you to be reality. Recover yourself.

Alone: ​​if you doubt a person’s sincerity, talk about it, ask questions. Even if it is difficult for you.

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