The Hubble spot collides with galaxies in an amazing dance… know the details

Hubble continues to provide exciting images of the universe despite the arrival of the James Webb Space Telescope, and NASA and the European Space Agency have released the Hubble image of Arp Madur 417-391. The image is a strange galaxy collision of about 670 million lights. Years apart. Produce a screenshot of the war. The gravitational pull is a strange ring shape where the cores of the two galaxies are relatively close and the “columns” of stars form a circle, Engadget reports.

The telescope spotted the merger with the Advanced Camera for Surveys, which has helped detect strange galaxies and even dark matter, and researchers are using orbital instruments to build a slate of follow-up observations for the much newer James Webb Telescope, which has occasionally been so. Used jointly with Hubble to study space objects.

And you may not see Hubble driving these discoveries for much longer, because the telescope has suffered a number of system failures in recent years, and is expected to fall to Earth as soon as 2030 if there are no interventions, as NASA and SpaceX contemplate. Hubble orbit enhancement. To remain active, such a long life is not guaranteed, and this galactic collapse may represent one of the last telescope migrations even if years remain in space at the observatory.


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