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11:53 29.11.2022
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Lihya Atias has been acting in the youth stage since first grade and her tip for young actors who dream of standing on stage is to persevere and commit to the profession. Golan Yosef discovered his love for the stage from a very young age, when from the age of 6 he ran backstage and learned everything from the actors. Thanks to the game, he was able to overcome the boycott and social ostracism he went through and found new friends on stage. interview

On Hanukkah 2022, the musical “Peter Pan” starring 200 children will be performed in the city of Rehovot. This is the 16th year that the youth stage in Rehovot is holding a musical that includes dozens of actors of various ages, from 10 to 18.

We met two of them, Lihya Atias and Golan Yosef, for a short conversation in which they told us a little about their experiences on stage, the shows they participated in and their love for the city as well as for acting.

Golan Yosef (15) will play the main character – Peter Pan in the musical.

Golan, how long have you been playing?

“Since first grade, I’ve been studying on the stage, but the world of acting has always interested me. My father is the music producer of the stage and my mother was the previous choreographer of the stage, so I’ve always been running around on the stage in rehearsals and learning what they do. The stage was my home and it still is to this day.”

What shows and plays did you participate in?

“I participated in ‘Andersen’s Princess’ and ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. I also participated in youth productions, I studied classical ballet, modern dance, Israeli folklore, hip hop and tap to help me integrate into this world.”

How was the experience of getting involved in acting and theater from a very young age?

“My experience from the world of gaming is that this world is very stressful and very competitive, but with enough support and willpower you can overcome all problems and experience a feeling that you cannot find anywhere else. The friends from the stage managed to help me overcome difficulties such as boycott and social ostracism.”

What is your tip for young actors who dream of standing on stage?

“The first tip is to be aware of their abilities and their advantages and disadvantages. The second tip is to keep trying and not to give up, because you never know when the right job will come.”

What is your big dream?

“My big dream since I can remember is to play in musicals in Israel and around the world and to hear the audience cheering at the end of each performance.”

Leah Atias (16), also participates in the Peter Pan musical.

Leah, how long have you been in the game?

“I’ve been in the youth stage since first grade in the singer’s track, where we touched more on dance and singing, but of course also acting, and today I’m majoring in theater, since tenth grade.”

What shows or plays did you participate in?

“‘Touch of Ice’, ‘The Magic Games’, ‘Andersen’s Princess’, ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and now in ‘Peter Pan'”.

Describe your experience of being involved in acting and theater from a very young age

“The experience is an experience that is difficult to describe in words, it is special and fun and enriching and it gave me confidence to stand on stage and show my talents not only in acting, singing, dancing and singing. At the youth stage I also got the opportunity to participate in the production team and get to know the world behind the scenes and my talent in makeup” .

What are your two tips for young actors who dream of being on stage?

“Chasing your dream and not letting anyone get in your way and perseverance and commitment to the profession to stand on the stage is a very big responsibility that requires perseverance and commitment.”

What is your big dream?

“It’s a very complex question, but I would say that my dream is to become famous thanks to my talents.”

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