The hunting sector commemorates the anniversary of its greatest demonstration of union and strength in the 20M Rural

The hunting sector commemorates the anniversary of its greatest demonstration of union and strength in the 20M Rural

One year after the historic demonstration of hunting and the rural world that brought together more than 600,000 people in Madrid, the hunting sector It made clear their union and strength to guarantee the present and future of the hunting activity.

The event, organized by the Real Federación Española de caza (RFEC) and the National Hunting Office (ONC) had the intervention of the Councilor Spokesperson, Security and Emergencies of the Madrid City Council, Inmaculada Sanz; the president of the ONC, Felipe Vegue; the national president of ASAJA, Pedro Barato; the presidents of the regional hunting federations of Aragon, Galicia, Murcia and Extremadura and the president of the RFEC, Manuel Gallardo.

During his speech, the president of the National Hunting Office, Felipe Vegue, warned of the daily attacks that hunting activity receives from an animalism that has been established in the institutions for years, for which reason he asked public representatives for firmness to defend a fundamental activity at an economic, social, environmental and cultural level.

For his part, he President of ASAJA, Pedro Baratovalued the great power of mobilization of the hunting sector and asked to maintain that union to continue guaranteeing the future of the entire Spanish countryside and the activities that support it.

The presidents of the autonomous federations of Aragon, Galicia, Murcia and Extremadura coincided in highlighting the great challenge of mobilizing thousands of hunters from all over the country, most of them in 1,100 buses that filled the Paseo de la Castellana, in one of the most massive mobilizations with attendees from outside Madrid that can be remembered in the capital.

He President of the RFEC, Manuel Gallardo, went further and warned of the magnitude of animalism, a global problem that requires global solutions. In this sense, it specified that this act was not a celebration, but rather a protest act to say loud and clear that hunting is united at a local, provincial, regional, national and global level, this being the only way to guarantee the present and future. of hunting activity.

Recognition to the Madrid Police

During the act, Manuel Gallardo and Felipe Vegue presented recognition to the Municipal Police of Madrid for their work carried out during the demonstration, a badge that was collected by the Superior Chief of the Municipal Police of Madrid, Oskar de Santos. The Chief of Police of Madrid He thanked the conveners and all attendees for their exemplary civic behavior and knowing how to be throughout the demonstration, where there was no regrettable incident of note.

The commemorative act of the historic demonstration of March 20, 2022 held in Madrid, was attended by a broad representation of the convening sectors and entities (agricultural, livestock, hunting, bullfighting, rural women, forestry, …), presidents of the regional federations of hunting and representatives of other organizations of the hunting sector belonging to the ONC.


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