The HYENAS video game announces its cancellation

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2023-09-29 11:00:00

HYENthe zero-gravity multiplayer shooter has announced today that it is ending its development, just a few days after finishing its closed beta on PC.

Creative Assembly, also known as the creators of the saga Total War, have announced on the social networks of the game and the same studio the cancellation of the HYENAS video game. This comes a few weeks after announcing a new gameplay and beta trailer during Gamescom 2023. The development team expressed in its statement that they “regret the cancellation of game development something before the final version of it reached the market. “They have been proud of the path taken in development and the relationship they have had with the community of players who have followed the title.”

On the other hand, Creative Assembly He gave a little more information in his statement. They report that the cancellation of the game is due to the Job’s lose of several workers which causes the development to be cancelled. They emphasize that these are difficult times for the company and that they hope to provide more news about their plans in the future.

“structural changes due to economic crisis and the lower profitability in the European market, resulting in the cancellation of HYENAS and other unannounced projects”


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