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cause thousands of damageautomobiles and the windswhat are we feeling likethey can damage your carblink of an eye, thecoverage thermometercompression saves us painupside downevery strong seasonwinds, one of each owners ofcars he realizes that he does not havecoverage for damages afterthe next where he had nothingto see but it had to do withnature.another damage its author is whenthere is a lot of wind and someone frompurchase sugar are next to yourvehicle, over time andwind, this is dangerous.coverage for car sevenangry have coveragedriver control.>> these are nice to havecoverage because there is nowho complained if theseevents you assure it cancover.July: I challenge you not onlyharm us when it damages a treeobjects on the road.soon this type of eventluck the damage you cancause your car that is not acar accident but thiscontrol phrase are metals in thewith the blouse of the cars andhit the vehiclesit’s passing.with this cause the albumfixing the blows is nothingcheap.>> you have to go over the door,of not making $500 how can theybe what you thought you wereless than 500 how can they be1,000 or $2,000, whatever.July: what is cheap isa coverage paymentcompression, by a vehicle of the2012 seriously extra $5per month and one vehicle per year2021 find $8 a month.>> to a car of the year in the2000 and three non-Indian catswe are talking about $200 a6 months to next yearbeing 20 to $15 monthly.July: and if your car is soyou only have to pay thedeductible so that theyfix.>> it’s like a soft marketare $500, between wings high, wingsthat the coverage came out.july: the second type of damagemore common with shopping octavio, it is recommended


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