The imposters: the crook who stung the chef Segev Moshe was revealed

Sting stories and impersonations have swept television in the world and in Israel in recent years, from the Israeli Simon Leviev He stung many women and the movie “The Tinder Scam” was based on him, by the way Anna Sorokina young Russian woman who pretended to be a German heiress of millions under the name Anna Dalbyand this is how she managed to sneak money from banks, escape from hotels without paying and defraud her millionaire friends and won a feature series based on her story on Netflix, until the success of “The Imposters” with Chaim Etgarwhich has been running in prime time since 2017. It seems that when the stories concern people we all know, and the world of glamor – the sting cases attract even more attention.

The painter from Costa Rica: the story of an impersonator in “Impersoners” with Haim Etgar (courtesy of Keshet 12)

In a glimpse for TMI surfers from the episode “The Imposters” that will be broadcast today (Monday) after the news on Keshet 12, the story of a mysterious impersonator, known as “The Painter from Costa Rica”, was revealed who stung his roommate and stole all his property. The chef’s story will also be presented in the episode Segev Moshe who was stung by the same impostor.

Coach Gonda impersonating Haim Etgar (courtesy of Keshet 12)

It turns out that the impostor traveled with Segev in Costa Rica and stole his wallet and credit card. In an interview with “Walla!” Segev said at the time: “I went on vacation with friends and while we were outside the hotel, an Israeli we met during the trip who took advantage of the trust we gave him stole our credit cards and $2,500 in cash.”


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