The incredible smoke ring of Etna: the video returns viral

It is a vapor explosion and can measure up to 50 meters in diameter | Courier TV

A smoke ring that widens and can measure up to 50 meters in diameter. It is the one recorded in this video above the volcano of Etna. Cloud formation is a rare and beautiful event: it is a phenomenon called “Vortex Ring”, a swirling ring that is created when two fluids cross. Friction slows down the outermost flow which, when it rotates to return inwards, accelerates thus creating a vortex. The video, signed by Geoff Mackley, returned to circulation in early 2020 and is viral on social networks, but dates back to 8 June 2000 and the eruption from the SE crater with a spectacular emission of fountain lava followed by a dense plume ash blown by the wind towards the North-West



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