«The infant demiurge», Maurizio Elettrico at the Madre in Naples

NoonOctober 7, 2022 – 1:55 pm

The Contemporary Day at the Madre di Napoli with free admission with the saga of the Neapolitan artist’s Biocracy, which meets the public at 4 pm

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On Saturday 8 October, Madre participates in the 18th Contemporary Day organized by AMACI, the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums of which she has been a member since 2013, with the support of the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, and the collaboration of Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. This year the event will maintain a hybrid format, physical and digital, and will have as its main theme the theme of ecology, connected to that of sustainability.

Throughout the day, visitors will have free access to the museumand will also be able to attend the international preview presentation of the unreleased film by Maurizio Elettrico The infant Demiurge (2022), accompanied by a new staging of the work Glamstaxspalaman (2005), in the collection at the Madre.

Connecting with the focus of the day, Elettrico’s works allow us to explore through fiction the theme of the anthropic transformations of nature and the social consequences that derive from it. Science fiction, often mistakenly perceived as a mere form of literary entertainment, becomes here a real mental and imaginative exercise to rethink the future of life on earth.

A conversation with the artist will be held at 4.00 pm in the room on the ground floorthe essayist and expert in esoteric disciplines Massimo Marra, and the professor of the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa Maria D’Ambrosio, to which it will be possible to access while places are available.

Madre’s participation in the Giornata del Contemporaneo will be further enriched by SPAZIO CREA – Common Revaluation of Environment and Art, an educational open space set up in the Sala delle Colonne, conceived by the cultural association RETROVO and dedicated to ecological creativity. You will be able to (re) generate objects, works or compositions starting from discarded materials to play, reflect and interact in the field of ecology, taking a cue from the imaginary universe conceived by Elettrico, of which an incursion will be planned to present one of his artistic artifact made with OERA, a new plastic material obtained from the recycling of various industrial substances. The workshop is open to the public of any age, who can freely participate in the creation of new works.

Halfway between a play and a science fiction film with special effects, The Infante Demiurgo presents a plot set in the distant future where advances in genetic technology have produced a radical genetic divide between social classes. On the one hand the Bioaristocracy, a new human species capable of reinventing biological life thus generating new ecosystems, and on the other hand the “natural” humans who, by choice or by indigence, have been deprived of such “bio-demiurgic” abilities. The almost unlimited powers of the new elite class, also defined as the “New Universal Church”, have overturned the current paradigm of technical-scientific control, but in vain, of nature and its unpredictable transformations, into a real enjoyment of abundance and becoming, an ecstasy of the living and its multiple realities. However, although this world presents a restored relationship of the human being with nature, where the intervention of the Bioaristocracy improves and facilitates the flourishing of biological life, this apparently idyllic and harmonious universe is teeming with injustices, hegemonic relationships and diatribes between the various clans that have formed within the new social structure. Elettrico’s hypotheses on biology and the environment are indiscernible from reflections on political and economic power. The events that arise from it mark the narrative situations that unfold in the four acts that make up the filmic work.

Like most of the artist’s works, whether they are drawings, installations, videos or sculptures, The Infante Demiurge and the astral machine entitled Glamstaxspalaman which accompanies the video with a special set-up, are taken from a series of written texts over the course of several years by Elettrico himself, where the structure of the philosophical essay meets the places of speculative fiction. The New Empire (Edizioni Morra, 2004), the literary saga Lo Scoiattolo e il Graal, and L’Infante Demiurgo (Mimesi edizioni, 2009), are part of this great literary matrix, accompanied by a rich iconographic apparatus, and from which the the artist draws to concretize works that act as windows on this world. These works have been presented over the years to the Morra Foundation, an institution that has played a fundamental role in accompanying the artist since the beginning of this research.

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7 October 2022 | 13:55

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