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twelve o’clock, July 10, 2021 – 08:13

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It may be because I grew up in the last century, when there was no internet and especially social media, but the idea that a politician in office wants to confront himself in public with a influence, even if he were a journalist or a long-time intellectual, it disorients me, as if I was struggling to understand where I am.

Not that he has anything against influence: they are an expression of their time, exponents of a world – the digital one – long underestimated by traditional business, politics and official culture, which has always been lagging behind on social developments, which in a very short time have seen the future pass over their heads , realizing that their way of working and living in the world had aged in their hands in their guilty distraction or (worse) underestimation of the new that was advancing.

What strikes me, rather, is the recognition, ininfluence, a contender, a dangerous interlocutor with whom it is appropriate to engage in a confrontation, more specifically a draft of a duel for the purpose of pacification (because this is done, with the most fearful interlocutors).

As if the influencer had taken the place of the intellectual (a place, moreover, that the intellectual never or almost never had). As if a political leader were more interested in debating with Chiara Ferragni or Giulia De Lellis than with Ferruccio De Bortoli or Lucia Annunziata, just to understand.

Needless to say, I am referring to the controversial Renzi-Ferragni-Fedez triangulation that has been holding the media in these days. What happened? Let’s see if I understand. Chiara Ferragni, or theinfluence from millions of followers, the girl prodigy who dictates the law on the subject of taste, aesthetic preferences and consumption of masses of young people who have made her one of the first icons of the digital world, expresses her contempt for politicians about the resistance she is encountering in parliament the Zan Bill against discrimination and incitement to homophobic crimes.

How disgusting you do, politicians, writes about the postponement on the approval of the bill proposed by Italia Viva, alias the party of Matteo Renzi, who responds – expressing, moreover, his esteem – that you would have expected more than a banal and indifferent phrase, inviting her to a public debate on the issues of the Bill. Fedez, famous rapper, TV presenter as well as Ferragni’s husband and influencer in turn, intervenes, advising Renzi (and also citing him, by the way) to be calm and take the time to explain how good he is to pee on the heads of Italians by saying what a rain.

Leaving aside the metaphor (which also evokes a specific pornographic category, for which it could also be appreciated by some minorities), Fedez’s twist in defense of his wife (who I don’t think he needed) triggered a media clash in some epochal ways. , where what would once have been a conflict between intellectuals and politics has become a conflict between influence and politics. Which would be to tell us (moral of the news) that today the intellectual that counts (what the politician fears)influence. And these, guys, are the times we live in.

10 July 2021 | 08:13



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