The infractions that remove the most points from the card and how to recover them

The infractions that remove the most points from the card and how to recover them

The most common offenses and those that generate a greater number of sanctions are those related to speeding, alcohol and drug use or not wearing a seat belt. In any case, due to recklessness or some mistake, all drivers are exposed to receive a penalty from the DGT, so, to guarantee our safety and that of other users of the road, it is best to respect the traffic regulations and not commit infractions.

The statute of limitations for economic sanctions is four years and for the rest of the sanctions, one year, from the day following the day on which the sanction becomes final administratively.

Regarding the fines for which they can withdraw more points of the license, the AMV experts mention, first of all, driving vehicles that have radar inhibitors, kinemometers or any other similar device installed. 6 points and 6,000 euros.

Driving with an alcohol level of more than 0.50 mg/l in expired air is still on the list. 6 points and 1,000 euros; driving with the presence of drugs in the body. 6 points and 1,000 euros; refusing to test for alcohol or drugs. 6 points and 1,000 euros; driving recklessly, driving the wrong way or participating in unauthorized races or competitions. 6 points and 500 euros.

For professional drivers, the fines for which more points can be deducted are for exceeding driving time by more than 50% or reducing rest time by more than 50%. 6 points and 500 euros; manipulate or collaborate in the manipulation of tachographs or speed limiters. 6 points and 500 euros.

In general, we cannot forget that it is punishable throwing objects on the road that can cause fires and accidents. 6 points and 500 euros; hand holding a mobile phone while driving. 6 points and 200 euros; overtaking cyclists without respecting the minimum separation of 1.5 meters or hindering their progress. 6 points and 200 euros, and driving with a level of alcohol greater than 0.30 mg/l in exhaled air if you are a professional driver or with a license that is less than two years old. 4 points and 1,000 euros.

Seven out of ten drivers are not clear about the procedures they have to carry out to recover the points, so it is convenient to remember which are the main procedures that we must carry out.

driving license

How to know how many points we have?

There are different ways to know how many points we have left on our card. In the first place, it can be consulted online on the DGT website, accessing with our certificate, [email protected] system or with a username and password. Also from the miDGT app, application for mobile phones and tablets of the DGT. Also at any Traffic Headquarters or Office. In this case, we will need to request an appointment online or by calling 060. Remember that face-to-face service is reserved for individuals and their representatives. Companies and other legal entities, as well as their representatives, must carry out their procedures electronically.


What is the penalty for driving without points?

According to article 384 of the Penal Code, driving a vehicle having lost all the points of the permit It is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment. from 3 to 6 months, a fine from 12 to 24 months, or work for the benefit of the community from 30 to 90 days. Actually, the amount that we must pay will be decided by a judge, there have been cases where the penalties have reached 6,000 euros, but the normal thing is that the fine is between 1,500 and 2,000 euros.

And not only that. If we drive a vehicle having lost all the points and we cause a traffic accident with the opposite, our insurance will cover the mandatory civil liability against third parties, but in such a situation, the insurance company may claim the amount indemnified based on the fact that we caused an accident with an invalid driving license. In no case will it cover our damages even if we have the vehicle fully insured.


How are lost points recovered?

If we have lost all the points on our card, we will have to take a road awareness and re-education course and a theory test at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters. The course is 24 hours long spread over two consecutive days (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) of 6 hours each over 2 consecutive weekends. Its cost also depends on the Autonomous Community: Catalonia 424.07 euros, the Basque Country 433.02 euros, Ceuta and Melilla 355 euros, the Canary Islands 345.05 euros and the rest of Spain 401.45 euros.

This course can be taken from the notification of loss of validity of the permit, but the exam cannot be taken until 6 months have elapsed from the notification of withdrawal of the license, 3 months in the case of a professional driver. If we are repeat offenders, that is, if we lose our license again in the 3 years after having recovered it, we will not be able to examine ourselves until 12 months have passed, 6 the professionals. Once finished, a paper certification will be issued stating that the course has been completed with satisfactory use, which will also be sent to the corresponding Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

If we haven’t lost all the points

If we have less than 12 points on our license, we can recover points by taking a road awareness and re-education course. This type of course can only be taken once every two years. Professional drivers can do it annually.

The courses allow us to recover lost points


With the course 6 points are recovered, up to a maximum of 12 points. Its cost depends on the Autonomous Community: Catalonia 225.52 euros, the Basque Country 230.02 euros, Ceuta and Melilla 183.30 euros, the Canary Islands 188.59 euros and the rest of Spain 213.26 euros, and it lasts 12 hours distributed in two consecutive days (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) of 6 hours each. And attendance is mandatory at all hours.

The other way to recover points is committing no offense that entails a new withdrawal of points for two or three years, depending on the infraction committed. That is, if 2, 3 or 4 points were withdrawn, they will be returned to us two years after their withdrawal (the withdrawal date is not the same as the infraction). And if 6 points were withdrawn, it is considered a very serious infraction, so we will have to wait three years for its return.


The point card system was implemented in 2006 with the aim of raising awareness among drivers and modifying their behavior to try to reduce the accident rate. The year it was implemented, all drivers with more than three years of experience received 12 points. Those who were younger and those who got their card after that year received 8 points.

If after two years the latter did not commit any infraction that subtracted points, your balance would become 12 points also. If in three years we are good drivers and no points are taken away from us for any infraction committed, the license will reach 14 points. Finally, with another three years without infractions, it will allow us to reach the maximum balance: 15 points.


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