the interministerial committee of cities pushed back again

the interministerial committee of cities pushed back again

2023-10-03 18:45:31

It’s a “huge disappointment” for Catherine Arenou, various right-wing mayor of Chanteloup-les-Vignes (Yvelines), of that “that we have difficulty digesting”. The interministerial committee for cities (CIV), which was to take place on Monday October 9 and whose objective is to set the main orientations in terms of city policy, has once again been postponed. It had been expected for months, no new date has been communicated. “It should take place in the coming weeks”Matignon told elected officials.

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While the suburbs were faced with several days of urban riots this summer, following the death of Nahel M., a 17-year-old young man killed by a police officer during a check in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine ) on June 27, mayors and associations hoped for this CIV that they have been demanding for a year “breath and breadth”, continues the councilor of Yvelines; “strong proposals”underlines Gilles Leproust, president of the Association of city and suburb mayors and communist mayor of Allonnes (Sarthe); “proof of taking into account what residents experience on a daily basis and a stated desire to restore social justice”, engages Mohamed Mechmache, from the Not Without Us coordination. Behind the scenes, others use less polite language: “We are taken for idiots”, “we are making fun of ourselves”, “We have been made to walk for months, years”.

The reason for this postponement? The Elysée has made it known that it wants a post-riot National Council for Refoundation (CNR) to be held before the CIV. The objective? Dissociating the subject of riots from that of working-class neighborhoods, two distinct objects according to the executive which, in view of the data collected – only a third of the cities affected by the violence are home to a working-class neighborhood – believes that urban violence concerns the whole of France .

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” What a disaster ! »

Hastily organized, a CNR will therefore take place this Thursday, October 5 at 5 p.m. under the aegis of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, rue de Varenne. Around fifty invitations were sent (union and employer organizations, associations, etc.). Agenda twists and turns prevented the CNR from taking place sooner.

No matter, in the eyes of many suburban elected officials, this umpteenth postponement is a sign of the executive’s lack of interest in the neighborhoods. “We don’t know anything about this CNR, we discovered it Monday evening, we don’t know who is invited…”comments the mayor of Chanteloup. ” What a disaster !exclaims Mr. Leproust. All these reports are starting to work out well. » An interministerial committee of cities did take place on June 30. Planned for a long time and chaired by Ms. Borne, surrounded by sixteen ministers, in Matignon, it had been maintained despite the riots. But the government then chose not to make any announcements and to emphasize the repressive action of the public authorities, arousing disappointment and anger on the part of those in the neighborhoods who were hoping for a social component.

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