The investigating judge: high standard of living, gifts to lovers and Rolex – The investigators, in the papers of the investigation, also speak of Sabatino Trotta’s high standard of living. There are unequivocal wiretaps even with the trusted jeweler for the Christmas “gifts” to be given to his lovers: which, according to the judge and prosecutor, are at least four, but maybe even five.
“To outline the criminal personality expressed by Trotta”, writes the investigating judge, “and to certify his propensity, through the abuse of power and the trading of the public function performed, to the perpetration of criminal conducts capable of guaranteeing significant economic profits absolute, it must be pointed out that the investigations have made it possible to highlight that Trotta maintains a very high standard of living, incurring significant expenses, often with cash, managing to economically manage his family unit and, at the same time, having romantic relationships with Luigia Dolce, Anna Rita Simoni, as well as with two employees of the ASL (whose names are given ndc) “. The investigating judge affirms that Trotta, “almost without interruption, demonstrating to handle absolutely significant sums of money (evidently the proceeds of the repeated criminal conduct), bears all the expenses and makes gifts not only to the members of his own family, but also in favor of lovers and their close relatives ». And here is called into question the jewelry which Trotta turns to, «for the contextual purchase of four expensive jewels to give to lovers in view of the Christmas holidays. Moreover, it is noted the existence of interests, as well as sentimental also patrimonial, between Trotta and … (another possible lover whose name is mentioned, ndc), since the latter made herself available to withdraw large sums of cash from her current account which she then handed over to her lover ».
In jewelry we talk about the Mexican opal which in Trotta would be put at 1,200 euros. And the doctor replies to set aside four and also the sapphire, which will be used at Christmas.
In other interceptions, Trotta instead talks to one of his women about the watch that he will have to receive as a gift for having successfully closed the race: the Rolex. The problem is that it cannot be shown that Coop is paying, so they study the system to collect the necessary cash of 11/12 thousand euros to buy the precious watch, after Dolce had previously talked with Mattucci for avoid a bank transfer that could be identified and perhaps opted for a generic transfer (causal “outstanding balance”) in favor of the retailer without making any specific indication of the Rolex. And then there is the delivery of 15 thousand euros by Dolce a Trotta. I’m in the car and the doctor picks up the woman and asks for the sum that Mattucci had paid her the day before. And La Dolce delivers the 15 thousand euros to Trotta who complains that he had to advance 5 thousand euros: “I was a bit shocked”, says Trotta to the woman, “when I no longer see those violets”, the reference to the color of the 500 euro banknotes. Sweet in the car: «Alleggeriscimi sta bag»; Trotta: «Oh oh well what we did, mo quess has already made me nervous. After we will do it “; Sweet: “Listen, is it true that greenbacks can’t be used any more since January?”; Trotta: “But shut up”; Dolce: “Mo goes into crisis”; Trotta: “Quiss doesn’t get the greenbacks (and laughs)”; Sweet: «No, now you take these because I don’t want them. Valli to support ‘”; Trotta: «Mo I want to be with you»; Sweet: “Shall I wear them?”; Trotta: «Mo I have to give them to you a little (and laughs)»; Sweet: “No, no, for God’s sake, only anxiety comes to me.” And then the judge talks about the trips that Trotta intended to make to Rome and Bologna, despite Covid, to go shopping. (m.cir.)


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