The IOC disclosed the criteria for not allowing Russians to participate in the Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today published a list of basic and additional criteria, according to which some Russian athletes were not allowed to participate in the Olympics.

The final discussion by the IOC Special Commission of the list of Russian athletes invited to the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place on January 27 in Pyeongchang. However, this list is already known to the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), whose powers have been suspended, and was discussed with members of the ROC, follows from the statement of the special commission led by Valerie Fourneiron.

“In decisions on issuing an invitation [на Олимпиаду] We took into account a wide range of information, including suspicious indicators of the steroid profile, DNA mismatch, violations in the athlete’s biological passport, and also studied data from McLaren’s reports, Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmidt commissions, information collected by WADA departments, data provided by international federations of winter sports sports, and additional tests. Each case was considered separately and anonymously, all decisions were consensus, ”said Fourneiron.

The list of 17 criteria for not admitting Russian athletes contains information from the testimony and materials of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, processed by the IOC and WADA commissions. Including this entry into the “Duchess list” of athletes who used a doping cocktail, and the presence of scratches on doping tests, indicating the possibility of opening them. Additional criteria are repeated analyzes of samples of 500 individual athletes declared by Russia, cross-checks of WADA databases, additional individual doping tests and, finally, information obtained in the anonymous digital platform WADA Speak-up, and other information from undisclosed sources.

On Tuesday, the ROC announced that six-time Olympic short track champion Viktor Ana, biathlete Anton Shipulin and skier Sergei Ustyugov were not included in the list of invitees to the Olympics. The Russian Figure Skating Federation has confirmed information about the non-admission to the Olympics of the athletes of the main figure skating team Ksenia Stolbova (pair skating with Fedor Klimov) and Ivan Bukin (ice dancing with Alexandra Stepanova).

President of the Russian Skating Union Alexei Kravtsov spoke about the inadmissibility of short trackers Vladimir Grigoriev, Denis Airapetyan, Evgenia Zakharova and Tatyana Borodulina. Also, skaters Denis Yuskov, Pavel Kulizhnikov and others were not allowed to participate in the Games. The list of admitted also did not include the leading hockey players of the Russian national team.

There are two weeks left before the opening of the Olympics in Pyeongchang: the ceremony will be held on February 9, but competitions in certain sports (curling, ski jumping) will begin on February 8.



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