The iPhone is damaged with water: Apple fined by the Antitrust

The accusation is of misleading advertising: the amount of the fine is 10 million euros – Ansa /Courier TV

The Antitrust has fined Apple for 10 million euros on charges of misleading advertising. The company ensured the functioning of the new iPhones even after being immersed in water for about half an hour but the advertising did not specify that this property was ascertained only during specific tests in the laboratory with static and pure water. The disclaimer “The warranty does not cover damage caused by liquids” does not explain these conditions of use well and so Apple has refused, in the post-sales phase, to provide warranty service to all those models damaged by introduction in water or in other liquids. This hindered the exercise of the consumer’s rights recognized by the “Consumer Code” law regarding the guarantee. For the Antitrust, therefore, the disclaimer is misleading and does not clarify the type of guarantee between conventional and legal. For all these reasons, the Guarantor Authority fined Apple and published the full documentation of the common cause online.



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