The Italian hit by a scooter in Paris died

by time news – Miriam, the thirty-one-year-old Italian hit in the center of Paris by two girls on a scooter, died after two days in a coma. Le Parisien reports it. The police asked help to the population to help identify the two young women, who had fled after mowing down Miriam. The victim worked as a waitress in an Italian restaurant in the French capital.

“We are all destroyed”, declares a relative of Miriam to the French newspaper, “there is also anger, the two young women, who overwhelmed the victim with their scooter, did not stop”.

The woman, originally from Capalbio, was hit on Monday at one o’clock in the morning while walking with a friend on the riverside near the Pont au Change. Overwhelmed by the scooter that was moving at very high speed, Miriam fell and hit her head against the pavement. The divers of the river brigade who were patrolling the Seine got out of their boat and tried to resuscitate the victim awaiting rescue, which they found Miriam in cardiopulmonary arrest.

Although her heart was beating again after a 30-minute massage, the 31-year-old was then transported unconscious to the Pitiè-Salpetrière hospital. “The doctors were very pessimistic,” indicates a source close by. The Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into aggravated voluntary homicide. The story has reopened the controversy in France on the danger of electric scooters.


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